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About Us

1000Vordenker are globally spread forward-thinkers who exchange thoughts and ideas about upcoming future trends and their effects on business and the world. All gatherings so far have taken place based on "Future of..." topics such as Future of Time, Future of Digital and Future of Me, Myself and I. Our twelve physical events were always composed of various key notes hold by 1000Vordenker members or external speakers from multiple industries.

We have always emphasized the active involvement of our members by encouraging discussions after or even throughout the key notes. In addition to our educative sessions, we have also embedded playful exercises such as building our own small robots, using 3D printing machines or doing handcraft work. Lastly, networking has always been a key element of our gatherings and was maintained in form of organized lunch, coffee breaks, open ends or small chitchats in between!
Future Ofs

1000Vordenker Vision

We together create a worldwide network for personalities,
_who want to make a difference and demonstrably do so,
_who want to develop themselves further,
_who have a fresh and unconventional thinking,
_who feel interconnected with each other,
_who exchange ideas about further relevant topics,
and all this with the goal to inspire each other.

Our NIKI Principle

During our time as a C-level consultancy we have developed our own principle that can be applied within business but also among all different kind of connections. In fact, we believe that every relationship that we build must be based on the four principles of networking, inspiration, knowledge and ideation, meaning that we do not only value the sole connection of two people but also emphasize the collaboration and idea exchange among them. 

Founders of the 1000Vordenker 

The Gedankenfabrik moves and empowers companies, brands and their employees to take the next crucial steps in the digital transformation phase and to reinvent themselves successfully.

Contact info@gedankenfabrik.de for any question!