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1000Vordenker Vision

We together create a worldwide network for personalities,
_who want to make a difference and demonstrably do so,
_who want to develop themselves further,
_who have a fresh and unconventional thinking,
_who feel interconnected with each other,
_who exchange ideas about further relevant topics,
and all this with the goal to inspire each other.  

The Theme
"Reinventing the Future"

The last weeks accelerated our sense of urgency to discover the secrets of reinvention as we all had to reorganize our usual way of work, habits and hobbies. However, reinvention does not only refer to our private lives but rather to how companies should view their strategies. Therefore, we have created a framework of reinvention with five dimensions– rethink the customer, rebuild your brand, reimagine creativity, reshape innovation and relearn forever.

Using this concept as the central thought and anchor of the 1000Vordenker gathering, we will not only share different ideas and perspectives, translate them into everyday work but also help you to shed some light into the dark of the current intelligent transformation in which consumers have transformed into Educated Decision-Makers and the development, adoption and usage of new technologies is accelerating.

Our Promise

Our promise is to enhance and unleash 1000Vordenker’s potential to answer the big questions of how we can detect, understand, explore, and create new ways to shape our future.

Our focus lays on learning valuable insights – something tangible, applicable and personal– empowered and ready for the unexpected.

Our fundament is the NIKI principle – Networking / Inspiration / Knowledge / Ideation, with an emphasis on active exchange of ideas among speakers and participants to build connections lasting way beyond the 1000Vordenker gathering.

Who Is Speaking?

Karl Krainer
Ralf Belusa
Managing Director Digital Business & Transformation Unit
Katharina Buttenberg
SVP Global Brand
Georg Gruber
Grocery´s CEO
Detlef Guertler
Author & Senior Researcher
Others to be announced soon!

Agenda - The 24th July– International Day of Joy

During 5 intense hours we will deepen our understanding and exchange ideas about reinvention together through interactive sessions, workshops, personal assignments, discussions and key notes from experts, thinkers, artists and thought leaders from diverse business segments and areas of life. New educational formats and personal growth sessions will provide an exciting live experience. 
Time Topic Speaker

Final agenda to be announced soon!